Election Day

Early this morning, driving to work, I stopped for a red light at a major intersection in the ghettoish little seaside city where I live. There across the street, standing in the cold were dozens of people, every last one of them black and dressed in what was obviously their finest clothing, suits, ties, elaborate hats, smiling and waving for all they were worth, and in front of them an enormous sign that just said, "VOTE!"

Without a second's hesitation, and with no conscious though whatsoever, I choked up and started crying. Sure, later I could put some words to it, ponder it, realize that they were the embodiment of the fact that people died, actually died so we could have this day, and this right, and they were there celebrating the fact that their voices could be heard and their vote could count. Desptie the cynicism and despair and lies and skullduggery, they were there reaffirming the hope and idealism of that fact, and it was hugely touching. And yes, you betcha I'm voting!


Blogger sterna said...

Inspiring. The low turnout of the American electorate is so disheartening (and utterly incomprehensible to many I know overseas) - it's good to hear that some take voting seriously for what it is: a right to be celebrated.

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